Iasos - Bora Bora 2000

Now here is my favorite among all of my favorite Iasos albums! Very tropical, very relaxing, very zoned-out atmosphere while this is actually a dance album. What Iasos had to say about this amazing gem:

"This album was 3 and a half years in the making and is an album of tropical dance music, offered as a concentrated burst of "fun energy" and dedicated to the spirit of fun. The 6 dance pieces are designed to be highly danceable, emotionally very happy, and tropically flavored. The dance pieces incorporate rhythms from many parts of the world - including Tahitian, Cuban, Brazilian, and African. Dancing to this tends to induce "body happiness".

Iasos likes to think of this type of music as Tiki Rock. This is hi-energy happy dance music! (Rather than coffee, this is a great way to jump-start your metabolism, when you first wake up.)

To complement the 6 dance pieces, there are also 4 tropical landscapes - musical sketches of the tropics - that are, in contrast, very calming and relaxing - just like in the tropics.

The over-all album makes for enthusiastically-playful party music." -iasos.com

BUY IT (recommended)

Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms

This is one is a bit off the line but I really like the synth compositions and the lo-fi-ness is definitely delish. Kinda like crossover between Daft Punk and Ariel Pink? You decide.



El Topo Soundtrack

For everyone of you Jodorowsky worshipper! download

Yoga - Megafauna

Debut release for the mind-bending duo of Sam Meringue (aka Explorers, James Ferraro’s 90210 etc) and Jason Pearl (Living Tapes). Yoga play a form of hallucinatory 21st century DIY ritual that filters metal bombast and black psychedelic atmospherics through hyperreal hypnagogic territories and Skaters-style luminal dreamtones. Parts of this almost sound like Lamborghini Crystal soundtracking some 1980s apocalyptic city-under-siege VHS, but it’s the metal backbone that transports it fully into its own universe, with flashing keyboards and buzzing electro-melodies generating a murky swamp-storm while somewhere in the distance the silhouettes of dinosaurs make a thunderous passage through the skies. Some tracks seem to be made up of a handful of simple sounds, a phased guitar, a keyboard loop, but the degree of F/X and the precise placement of the tones makes the whole deal sound miles deep, like Goblin’s soundtrack to Dario Argento’s Suspiria heard through torrential rain or black 1980s keyboard zones broadcast through ancient tannoy systems somewhere in space. Massively psychedelic and another thrilling step sideways for Meringue and co. Highly recommended. Buy it.


Taj Mahal Travellers - July 15th, 1972

Legendary improvisational group from Tokyo who combined Eastern and Western instruments, electronics and vocal chants, and used heavy post-production processing to create unique long flowing jams, with deep organic droning and pulsing, similar to some of the cosmic electronic stuff out of Germany at the same time, though filtered through a Japanese sensibility. Their music is considered at the pinnacle of Asian psychedelic music of the late 1960s and early 1970s. At the same time they were far closer to avant-garde minimalism, with some of the group even disavowing the psychedelic connection. Their few recordings feature long untitled freeform tracks, often taking up an entire side of the record. But you already know!


Sovetskaya Gone - Graveyards of the Atlantic

Two short excursions through the symbiotic depths of the big blue death. Zoned-out synthesizers spring forth new life like an electronic coral reef. Aged and raged. Kevin Danchisko is the man.


Nurse With Wound - Space Music

Steven Stapleton made an incidental sounds that permeate B-movies and early electronic music that attempt to evoke the sounds of the cosmos. Beginning with what sounds like asteroids hammering off each other, it promises to be an exciting and violent piece but after these few minutes of activity, the calm of an infinite void sets in and Space Music proves to be a predominantly low key piece that lends itself beautifully to deep space listening.