Iasos - Bora Bora 2000

Now here is my favorite among all of my favorite Iasos albums! Very tropical, very relaxing, very zoned-out atmosphere while this is actually a dance album. What Iasos had to say about this amazing gem:

"This album was 3 and a half years in the making and is an album of tropical dance music, offered as a concentrated burst of "fun energy" and dedicated to the spirit of fun. The 6 dance pieces are designed to be highly danceable, emotionally very happy, and tropically flavored. The dance pieces incorporate rhythms from many parts of the world - including Tahitian, Cuban, Brazilian, and African. Dancing to this tends to induce "body happiness".

Iasos likes to think of this type of music as Tiki Rock. This is hi-energy happy dance music! (Rather than coffee, this is a great way to jump-start your metabolism, when you first wake up.)

To complement the 6 dance pieces, there are also 4 tropical landscapes - musical sketches of the tropics - that are, in contrast, very calming and relaxing - just like in the tropics.

The over-all album makes for enthusiastically-playful party music." -iasos.com

BUY IT (recommended)

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