The Lickets - Journey in Caldecott

Released online at pay-your-own prices the same day that Radiohead set In Rainbows loose, Journey in Caldecott is Chicago duo The Lickets’ fourth album. Featuring a transcendental mini-orchestra, Mitch Greer and Rachel Smith deliver a trippy journey through mythical lands and lush sonic forests. After all, Journey in Caldecott is more than just the album title, it’s the entire concept behind this work. This IS a journey, from the opium drenched “Crowd of Pimps in the Rain,” to the unholy temples worshiping the “Rabbit Moon,” ending with the quiet celebration of a quest finished with “The Beekeeper.” Haunting, eerie, and altogether unique, The Lickets pull from numerous influences—at one point sounding like an Old World procession and an Indian throne room the next. With tracks like “Smoking Hippie” and numerous self-references to ‘60s psychedelia, there may be a suggestion that this music is better experienced with the aid of some sort of (ahem) medication, but no such enhancement is needed. This is indeed a mystical trek of an album, one that you’ve never experienced before and never will again. To sample the music, The Lickets even provide a literal journey through Caldecott on their website (it’s sort of like a Victorian Myst), complete with their music as a soundtrack. Take a sample, don’t be afraid to get hooked—all the cool kids are doing it.

The Lickets - Journey in Caldecott part 1
The Lickets - Journey in Caldecott part 2

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Hi Sunflower Chakra Milk!

We allow listeners to set their own price for Journey In Caldecott and all of our recordings at http://www.internationalcorporation.net/dm

Unfortunately International Corporation can't give its music away for free, because then we wouldnt be able to release any more albums. We are 100% independendent and artist run. But thanks for the support! Your site is fantastic!

Gonzo mengatakan...

If I have to take down the link, please let me know. Thanks.

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