Popol Vuh - Affenstunde

The very first Vuh album. Florian Fricke fiddling with a moog synthesizer (one of the gigantic, early models!) throughout the length of the album, backed with mild synth processing and fervently played tribal bongos. Skaters' ancestor spirit.


Oneohtrix Point Never - Live at Rare Frequency Podcast, July 23 2009



Stellar OM Source - Rise in Planes LP

A powerful multidimensional analog stormcaster jams by none other than Christelle Gualdi, an underwater synth goddess. Released on Black Dirt 2009.



Enno Velthuys - Ontomoeting

This is another delicious album from the space synth master Enno Velthuys, released on Kubus Kommunikates in the 80's. The album sounds really great along driving early in the morning.



Rambutan - Broken Infinity

Rambutan (the fruit) tastes really good. It's a cousin of Lychee, if you like it. However this album is not about the hairy fruit, but it's a collection of 5 awesome tracks by Eric Hardiman of Albany, NY. Visit myspace.com/rambutanmusic to buy the album and more tracks.


Iibiis Rouge - Pink Hybrid

Modern psychedelic High Wolf jams + Astral Social Club fucked up improv electronics = something we don't have a name for. Better than a one shot collab this duo is made to last. Forthcoming debut LP on Dekorder.


Mark McGuire - Losing Sleep

You already know the man. This is his latest stuff, super tight like every other albums. Recorded summer 2009 at his home. With his twin GigaDelays (beyond rad).

try it

Earth Station - Control Belief

Really good downer sci-fi jams much like Lilypad. I don't know the dudes behind this band but this is totally a great album. Buy it from night-people.org


Michael Stearns - M'Ocean

Michael Stearns is a profound new age synth meditator in this very earth-embracing album. VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD.

submerge yourself

Expo '70 - Corridors to Infinity

Marvelous guitar drone to zone out on a nice evening like this. Chill out some buds and roll some blunts.


*file is .7z so you might need to google a free .7z unzipper software

Infinite Body - A Series of False Awakenings

Very legit lo-fi submarine park drone with a splash of field recordings. Delicious jam!
buy the album from arborinfinity.com


Explorers - Bermuda Telepaths

So uh, yeah, well.. HERE I AM AGAIN! :)
And this one is a great album for a comeback. Much like skaters but definitely feels a bit different although it sounds very skaters-esque. Hit it!



Ash Ra Tempel - New Age of Earth

I just discovered the exit gate through the labyrinth inside Manuel Gottsching's mind. Now I'm in the garden inside the New Age of Earth. Follow me here!

Ash Ra Tempel - New Age of Earth
link borrowed from this amazing blog.


Robbie Basho - Twilight Peaks

This is originally released in '85 but I think it has been reissued recently. This one is easily my favorite Basho stuff, although almost all of his albums are equally amazing. Guitar. Raga. Basho. Paradise.

Robbie Basho - Twilight Peaks

Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers

An 80's analogue synthesis collage vibes of Juno 60 with some pedals will result in accute mind narcosis. Daniel Lopatin (also in Infinity Window) is the spirit synth master behind these sun setting arpeggiatic mental illness music. Too much oscillatorzzzz.

Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers

70's Thai Orchestra

Nothing is known from this album. It's like a secret story of a secret society from the rusting secret chests. Mind absorbing festival music, you should try this with headphones. Ancient world music rules!

70's Thai Orchestra

Emeralds - What Happened

No need to introduce Emeralds. This is their latest stuff, anticipated for over a year. Beautiful free contours of analogue sound blisters and rashes will appear on your skin as soon as you hear this. Stay around for another stuff by them I'll be posting soon.

link removed by request

Black Joker - Watch Out!

My snakes figure friend Spencer Clark is the Black Joker this time. Black Joker make pretty crop circles inside your head and disappears in the distant of moaning teepee chief outside the purple mayan temple under the glowing skies of pacific atmosphere bla bla wang chung mey kang toy ming sui!!!!!!111!!

Black Joker - Watch Out!

oh btw, have you guys checked out Spencer's radio show "Pacific City Sound Visions"?

Sun Watcher - Two and a Half Men

I can't find any decent cover art for this album so I'll put it when I got it. This is Mark McGuire + Shane McKenzie (Lambsbread, Dead Wafer, etc) mashing up to cast one of the most beautiful drums & guitar and organ (!!) soundsculpture ever. I've been spinning this too much lately. Can't go wrong with this stuff!

Sun Watcher - Two and a Half Men

Defrosting Snowflakes

Hey world. I'm sorry I haven't been taking care of this place for so long.

I've been gone doing nothing in the ocean, feeding on the sea wind, escaping from the coldest winter nights.

But since we don't have winter here and all the winter in this world must be already done by now, I guess I'll just go start and post some warm jams again.

Thank's so much for those who still checks out this place. I love you and your kindness. I hope I can still see your love. *Bows*