Defrosting Snowflakes

Hey world. I'm sorry I haven't been taking care of this place for so long.

I've been gone doing nothing in the ocean, feeding on the sea wind, escaping from the coldest winter nights.

But since we don't have winter here and all the winter in this world must be already done by now, I guess I'll just go start and post some warm jams again.

Thank's so much for those who still checks out this place. I love you and your kindness. I hope I can still see your love. *Bows*

4 komentar:

electricdunnahoo mengatakan...

We still see your love, duder. We still see your love.

C mengatakan...

I see it. Thanks for a great blog, glad to see you posting again.

Anonim mengatakan...

yeah thanks for everthing

Anonim mengatakan...

Im a recent discoverer of your blog. It has brought me a lot of great times with the music in it. Thanks a lot for all and good to know you will keep it up. Theres a lot of dead links that it would be great you reuploaded.

Cheers, from Chile.