Heather Leigh Murray - Devil If You Can Hear Me

Over the past few years, Heather Leigh Murray has distanced herself from the ex-Charalambides tag. She’s expanded her pedal steel approach across solo CD-Rs and group work that drifts from ecstatic, fuzz-heavy howls or sheer drone walls to the clean, non-affected whispers, weather shredding strings like standing six-string players or building instant, miniature drones on the horizontal instrument. Murray’s range on the pedal steel creates a singular, and often non-guitar, sound. The notes sculpted with each pull on “Wrecking Crew” seem transcribed from a trombone or accordion. Where “Porch Fighter” offers more pronounced vocals, here they envelope the instrument in a gauzy layer with only brief moments of focus. Rambles rambles rambles.

Heather Leigh Murray - Devil If You Can Hear Me

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