Wet Hair - s/t

Raccoo-oo-oon's mastermind Shawn Reed is not satisfied with all the blasting electric tribal storm he summoned in his band, so he digs up another hole in his cave and discover Wet Hair. This is the first solo outing of Shawn as Wet Hair, recorded during late fall of 2007. Cult vibe organ drone, slowed down tape hiss percussion warble, and chanted vocal bathed in echo, plus extra siliconized army of delayed blood bath. Play it loud. Play it forever. And you'll be a silver fox in your next life.

Wet Hair - s/t

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Margot mengatakan...

Very curious 'bout this one :)



ElGaucho mengatakan...

thanks for posting this. been on a real racc-oo-oon kick lately after getting BSK from the band. great blog, btw.