Nisennenmondai - Neji/Tori

Nisennenmondai, a group that creates epic architectural masses of instrumental sound treading somewhere between Lightning Bolt’s noise and Neu!’s Krautrock. Himeno Sayaka, Zaikawa Yuri and Takada Masako met at a noise club while in university in 1999, but apart from a string of self-released EPs and various hand-pressed cassettes/CD-Rs, the group has not released a proper full-length, and has been difficult to source outside of Japan. Neji/Tori is a compilation of two previous EPs that serves as a good introduction to the band’s sound; the songs are stylistically similar enough that there’s no problem in sticking them alongside one another. Twisted kawaiiness.

Nisennenmondai - Neji/Tori

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this is pretty amazing. thanks very much for this discovery!

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what a fuck is zshare