Christine 23 Onna - Acid Eater

Led by Japanese synth master Maso Yamazaki of Masonna, et al. and aided by Fusao Toda of Angel in Heavy Syrup, this album is a monster Acid Fueled lounge party. Heavy on the bop and fuzzed out beyond belief, then twisted through a giant phaser and shaded envelope filters. Maso's skewed version of the swinging 60's on Acid Eater is far beyond anything that could be called retro or even campy. This is a rift in time, Maso's gone back and showed the LSD set how to really blow speakers and minds. Once again the Japanese remain the reigning kings of the psychedelic set and this along with any other Maso Yamazaki release is full testament to that claim. Crank this one up, the fuzz needs room to breathe.

Christine 23 Onna - Acid Eater

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henri.death mengatakan...

very good album.
I dont find it to buy !


wkc mengatakan...

link no longer working. Is a re-up possible? Thank you