V/A - Imaginational Anthem Vol. 2

Imaginational Anthem Volume 2 expands and builds on this theme with 70+ more minutes of guitar magic - all previously unreleased on CD in the US. 24-year old UK 12-string upstart James Blackshaw opens the record, while the late master Robbie Basho, a clear influence on Blackshaw's style, closes it. Basho's track is the only live recording by this groundbreaking guitarist ever released. Riches abound on Imaginational Anthem Vol 2, with new recordings by former Takoma roster alumni Peter Lang (who made an album with John Fahey and Leo Kottke), Billy Faier (an original Greenwich Village folkie whose late 50's Riverside records inspired a fellow crack banjo player, Steve Martin) and an archival home recording by Fred Gerlach (a favorite of Jimmy Page). The new breed is well-represented by fascinating figures of today - Smith, Carter, Sparhawk, Kraus, Rose and Blackshaw. Legendary singer/songwriter Michael Chapman, whose first albums for the Harvest label in the 60's are now seeing the light again, contributes as well.

V/A - Imaginational Anthem Vol. 2 part 1
V/A - Imaginational Anthem Vol. 2 part 2

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