Astral Social Club - Skelp/Ginnel

For Neil Campbell, the ascent to ecstasy has been at the center of his work with the Vibracathedral Orchestra; Astral Social Club is his solo vehicle, and it stands as perhaps the purest expression of his art of the ecstatic on record. Up to now, Astral Social Club’s music has only been available in limited run CD-R pressings. This record is a self-styled “mega-mix” of Astral Social Club highlights culled from those releases. He may be a master of droned out noise, but he's been flirting with club music on and off for the last few years, each full length hiding at least one dancefloor gem, and so Mr. Neil Campbell, ex of Vibracathedral Orchestra, now of Astral Social Club, at least on this here new 7”, is all about the tripped out psychedelic electronic groove with bonus remixes by John Clyde-Evans, Magnetize and RICHARD YOUNGS. MUST HAVE!

Astral Social Club - Skelp/Ginnel

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FreeCT mengatakan...

nice one!
ps: ive linked you in my new blog

please have a look!

Anonim mengatakan...

would love to hear this but the z-share file keeps running me in circles for some reason-

otherwise your blog is really excellent.

cheers- tek