Religious Knives - The Door

New dope leak, enough said. A summer record for those dread days when the heat holds low and skin sticks to cheap car seats and old patio furniture. These six songs are brighter, sharper than anything that has come before, locking in tight on jugular rhythms. Grab this.

Religious Knives - The Door

5 komentar:

Tim mengatakan...

you shouldn't post before you've uploaded the file.
I've been refreshing this page every 10 minutes for a few hours now, but now I'm going to go to bed, and tomorrow I'll probably forget about it.

just a suggestion.
love the blog!

Gonzo mengatakan...

lol yeah man so sorry my internet was dead when im upping this and i had to leave for a date. but now im upping it again and it should be there in no time! hope ur having a great weekend, my friend!

Lloyd mengatakan...

how come someone from sonic youth producing something makes everything sound like sonic youth? poopy-doo-doo

SD mengatakan...


Anonim mengatakan...

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