Evan Miller - Beeswax Ephemera

Evan Miller makes finger picking folk music with lots of nods towards the san fransisco freak folk scene and the midwestern noise scene. Iowa City's six-string guru Evan "Swain" Miller pounded out this release just in time for the Night People (Raccoo-oo-oon/Evan Miller) east coast tour of 2007. Handcrafted paper with impressive printing and stitching packaging on the physical level, while the audio supplied features Evan expounding on his intricating fingerpicking stylings while evoking the spirit of Fahey's finger angels into your most vivid coloured dream of raga-intricated satisfaction. Highly, highly recommended.

Evan Miller - Beeswax Ephemera

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FreeCT mengatakan...

mmmmmmmmm thanks!

Anonim mengatakan...

any chance of a re-up on something besides zshare . . .thanks so much. Love your blog.

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