Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple - Split EP

This is one of the best collaboration album ever. History:

"Kinski met Kawabata Makoto in 1999 when he was playing guitar in Mainliner. It was our first tour and, though the shows were small, we had a great time playing with them and quickly became friends.

Over the years we played with Kawabata's Acid Mothers Temple whenever they came through Seattle and toured the east coast with them in 2002.

In December of 2001, Kinski went to Japan to play six dates with Acid Mothers and one in Tokyo with High Rise. The shows were amazing. We also had several days off to wander around Japan and see the sights (and scour the record stores). We ate tons of seafood and drank a lot of shochu and beer. (Note: Cheap shochu leaves a truly stunning hangover.)

One night off in Nagoya we went to Hiroshi's flat (Acid Mothers' rhythm guitar and keyboardist) for nabe and drinks. We brought our guitars and pedals along and recorded before dinner. Kawabata, Hiroshi, Matthew and I played guitar, Lucy played bass and Dave played bongos. We jammed for an hour and then started cooking nabe, Yoko made tempura, and we all cracked open more beers.

It was a mindblowing 2 weeks.

Months and months later, I sat down with the tapes and began mixing what seemed to be the most interesting 10 minutes of the session, which became "It's Nice to Hear Your Voice." Kawabata wanted to overdub onto my mix (along with Tsuyama, Acid Mothers' bassist, who wasn't at the original sessions) and the result are "Planet Crazy Gold."

"Fell Asleep on Your Lawn" and "Virginal Plane 5:23" are new Kinski and Acid Mothers Temple tracks (respectively).

Chris Martin, July 2003" (taken from their site)

Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple - Split EP

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