Religious Knives - Resin

Maya Miller and Mike Bernstein (Double Leopards) and Nate Nelson along with Todd Cavallo (Mouthus) are together 'Religious Knives'. Since their first release for No Fun Productions, the collection of early LP's/singles entitled 'Remains', the Religious Knives have grown into a stunningly assured and powerful rock n' roll band of sorts, one liberally and noticeably immersed in the smoke-addled haze of the psychedelic underground. Resin marches ahead with a vigorous potency that accurately shares its bloodline with the best psychedelic acts of the past. This is Brooklyn's true Psychedelic Rock.

Religious Knives - Resin part 1
Religious Knives - Resin part 2

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crash mengatakan...

Part 1 link isn't working. Any chance of a reup?

Gonzo mengatakan...

it works fine for me.. try it with your heart! :D